Little Rock, AR |Wedding Photography | Rich & Tabby Wedding

Rich & Tabby. All my wedding are so special to me. I love each and every one.  They are all full of hope and love and this wedding was from the start full of both.  It was elegant and Tabby’s heart was only set on the one she loved.  I enjoyed seeing her enjoy the day and not worry or fuss about one little thing.  She was making memories and was enjoying each and every moment.  Every detail of this wedding was so carefully planned. The decorations and the menu and the flowers and the dresses…oh…did I mention the flowers!  Each bouquet made with love by Tabby’s mom. Each decoration. Each detail. Made with love. She really should be an event planner.  One of the best I’ve seen!  Thank you Rich and Tabby.  Your love for each other stays in my heart.  I so enjoyed being a part of your day. It meant the world to me to be there as two became one.


Little Rock, AR | Engagement Photography | Don & Bethany

Don & Bethany. When sweet Bethany called and told me she had just gotten engaged and would I consider being her Wedding Photographer, I was so excited! She had taught music to my 2 younger children when they were in in the 3rd and 4th grades. One of the sweetest people I think I have ever known. We met at Celery Flats in Portage, Michigan for some engagement pictures and to be sure I approved of who had stolen her heart. I met Don for the first time and felt like I had known him forever and understood why they had found each other. I had to remind them several times we were taking pictures because they were just so happy together walking and chatting. They never ran out of things to talk about! I was so happy for Bethany. The wedding to follow will be a dream…


Little Rock, AR | Wedding Photography | Eric & Ashley

Eric & Ashley. She was a Princess and he a Prince. This wedding was a celebration of their love. A dream location for a wedding- The Old English Inn in July. The flowers were in all their glory. Ashley got ready in one their quaint yet modern cottages. Everything was there. Close to where she would meet her Prince-and then Celebrate afterwards. The Pergola on the Grand River made for a dreamy backdrop as Eric & Ashley exchanged their vows to one another. I smiled and sighed through the whole ceremony. It was such an honor for me to share in this day with them. There were so many beautiful locations for photos while the guests enjoyed cocktail hour. Then it was off to dinner and a reception to welcome the new couple! The Ballroom was stunning! Ashley chose wedding cakes as the table center pieces. As they cut each cake on each guests table, time was spent with each guest. The evening was elegant and as each moment passed, I knew that for Eric & Ashley, this was The Best Day Ever! Thank you Eric & Ashley for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful day-I will never forget it…the day Ashley & Eric rode off into the sunset…



Little Rock, AR | Engagement Photography | Rich & Tabby

I’ve known Tabby since she was a little girl. I saw her grow up into a beautiful young woman-and then fall in love.  When Tabby asked me to be a part of her special day, I knew it was something I couldn’t pass by-even though I was moving to Arkansas-I wanted to be there to capture every moment.  We got together to get some images the week before I moved-what a whirlwind-and it’s been a whirlwind for Rich & Tabby.  I am so grateful that Tabby found the one that her heart loves and feel so honored that she chose me to be a part of the whole experience.  I love you two so much!


Little Rock, AR | Family Portrait Photographer | David & Lydia

David & Lydia were married with just their parents present. No Photos of the event. I wanted to capture their love for each other so I presented them the offer of just a simple walk in the park and take a few images. David is quiet and strong and Lydia is sweet and full of life. I am so thankful that I had this chance to know them-to share in their love story. Because love is forever-these images will stand the test of time. Thank you David & Lydia for an afternoon of remembering that love lasts. lydiadavid-1lydiadavid-2lydiadavid-3lydiadavid-4lydiadavid-10lydiadavid-9lydiadavid-8lydiadavid-7lydiadavid-6lydiadavid-5

Nick & Taryn::Little Rock, Arkansas Wedding Photographer

Nick & Taryn had this amazing Outdoor wedding planned at Northwoods University. I had been checking the weather all week and it was not looking like it was going to cooperate. When I arrived it was pouring down rain. I walked into the room where Taryn was getting ready and we met face to face for the first time. I knew right then-it really didn’t matter if it was raining. Nick & Taryn were getting married today and that was all that mattered. My job was to capture every moment for them. And every moment was pure sunshine even though it poured most of the day. The ceremony was moved inside. Our Photoshoot locations were changed and Taryn smiled her way through all of it. After the ceremony, as the Bridal Party drove around in the party van, I checked the radar again. I texted Taryn and said, “Quick! Get to Dow Gardens-we have about fifteen minutes of no rain!” Me-barefoot so I wouldn’t slip in the wet grass and Nick & Taryn looking like they just stepped out of a Bridal Magazine. We made the most amazing images. The light was perfect. I was so thankful for their sweet spirits through all the changes. And you know what…it doesn’t matter if there is rain or shine because what matters is that two people were married…and now they have endless days of sunshine. Thank you Nick & Taryn for being Sunshine when skies are grey.



Tejay & Karina::Little Rock, Arkansas Area Wedding Photographer

Tejay & Karina. A fairytale wedding. She was so happy. The smile was so contagious to everyone around her. This day unfolded like a dream. Everything according to plan. Every detail so well done. No one seemed rushed or hurried. They just enjoyed each moment…I love these two. They hold such a special place in my heart. Their loves shows itself over and over. They serve others with their lives-the self sacrificing kind of service. Karina’s inner (and outer!) beauty and Tejay’s gentle strength have been a wonderful example of Christ’s love-true faith in action in these two. I am so thankful I was there for the start of their happily ever after. Thank you Tejay & Karina for day full of such love and beauty.


Jason & Elizabeth::Little Rock, Arkansas Area Wedding Photographer

Elizabeth is a vintage soul. Her dress was from a time gone past. Everything about this wedding was about heritage, family, history, and keeping every story and starting their own. We had such a wonderful, fun day. Elizabeth had no expectations for a ‘perfect’ day…but in my eyes…it was ‘perfect’. Thank you, Elizabeth and Jason for allowing me to be a part of this day. Your love for each other and for God was so clear. And I am humbled to be able to be a witness to it all.















…and they lived Happily Ever After

Lily & Owen::Little Rock, Arkansas Area Child Photographer

This is Lily and Owen. Sweet. Loveable. We spent a wonderful afternoon in the park to grab a few images for Lily’s 3rd Birthday. She was so excited to have that number 3 in her arms. We also caught Owen always smiling. Then at the end, when the light was just right…Mom and Lily together, and we created these sweet photos that I know will be cherished. Thank you for such a memorable afternoon.